why does my website need seo

We can not move well without our good career. If you have a great certificate. Then you need a good job. So do you think that job will come to your home automatically? Of course, you need to apply for any platform or company to get a job.

Or I think you are a good singer but anybody does not know about you. So you need a job for your singer profeson then anybody do not call you. Because anyone does not know about you.

So I want to mean you. If your article is greater and high quality and your website a nice looking but you do not have SEO. However, anyone did not call you for singing or give a job that's it your website will not come visitor.

So you are clearly understanding without SEO you can not marketing your content or product.

So today we will learn why need SEO properly and all the matter of the SEO.

Why need SEO for new Blog /Website:

Already we have said that we can not rank our website google top, visitor, promote your website without SEO.
If your website new so early published any post you will SEO your website/blog proper.

Have you published posts? No problem now start SEO. When you will do properly SEO. Your website will show google when you search Google or other search engines.
It may take sometime late to show your website on the search engine.

Seo must important for your website otherwise you can not get a sufficient visitor. However, you have designed your website good looking. And you have taken a good template. 

But your website is not working as you hope. It is a simple matter. Don't worry a new website will not working soon. You need time to get a good result.

You are working continuously but you are not getting good results. So it is easy to mean your website and post are not properly SEO or your post is not SEO friendly.

You need to write an SEO friendly post. Seo friendly post is very important to get ranking google. You can think that your competitor post who already google top it is your matter.

So you need more high-quality SEO on your post to fight your competitors. So write your post more words and nice meaning and perfect sentences. Do not write an extra sentence to increase your article word.

If you scam anything, google never supports to you, Also your website will lose ranking.

Now we understand that a new website/blog can not give ranking without proper SEO.

More of the people can not do good SEO. They always wrong to do their website SEO. When they do not get a good visitor then they left their blogging and say blogging is hard.

Why blogging is hard? You are a new blogger then you are working with a high-quality content or topic. So it is very hard to top up your post to down your competitor.

Most of the bloggers are failed here. So never fight with a high competitor.

Why need SEO for Old Blog/website:

Your website is old. You need SEO. You need a Seo strategy update continuously.

If you updated your SEO regularly then your post will not lose ranking and your website.

You are already now about SEO.So I do not say about more for you. You can read under the step to learn more.

Organic Search:

Everybody wants an organic search. Because organic SEO is free. Organic SEO always like google and visitor. How will you mean organic SEO? We search with google daily with our necessary things. Then google give us many results for our search. 

Sometimes we see a small word show that's is an ad under the keyword. It is paid for SEO. And another keyword result is organic SEO. Organic SEO is free everybody.

Everyone is working with organic SEO.So always we need organic SEO for our blog/website. If we make good organic SEO.So it will give us more traffic. When people search google your post keyword then show your post google top rank page.

Now we can say that organic SEO is must need for our website. We can not think of more traffic and ranking without organic SEO.

Others we can say any website can not succeed without organic SEO. We can not think without organic SEO to succeed on our website.

We have already discussed with SEO so you can read our other post to increase your knowledge for your blogging career.

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