What is Seo and How it Works?

what is seo and how it works
If you have a website then SEO is very important for you. 
So today we will discuss what is SEO. And how SEO works. 

What is SEO?

SEO is a big factor but it will take a lot of time to explain it so briefly you will be explained about SEO. Seo means search engine optimization.SEO is done to rank the posts of those who have websites or those who have YouTube channels. 

If you have a website then you need to do SEO because without SEO you can't easily rank in the search engine your website or any of your posts. 

Suppose you have published a post on your website but that post is not found by searching in search engine then you need to do SEO then if you can do very good SEO for that post then your post can be found by searching in search engine. 

If you want to talk about SEO it will take a lot of time which will not be possible to finish about SEO. That's why many big businesses are done online through SEO. 

Because there are a lot of people who are trying hard to get their posts or websites ranked and are spending a lot of money because getting Google top rank is a big job. There are a lot of big companies that are doing a very good amount of business by bringing their posts to the top rankings with good SEO. 

Then maybe I can explain to you very easily what SEO will explain a little more in the search engine without SEO but it is not easy to bring your post to the top-ranking so it is very important to do SEO for any post or website.

How SEO Works?

It is very important to know how SEO works because if you don't know how these work then how do you rank your posts.

As an example, I will now easily explain to you how it works. If you have a website or a YouTube channel, you can easily understand how and if not, try to understand very carefully. 

Now you go to Google and search there how SEO works. Surely you can see a lot of information. Which can range from a few thousand to crores? Here are the posts of many big websites in the beginning. 

Or those whose posts are very well SEO are showing their posts first. Now if you create a post on how SEO works on this keyword then can this post easily show you Google's top rank. 

Certainly not because many of your posts on this post have already been created and are now ranked. And if you have to spend a lot of time and a lot of effort then maybe the rank can come. You may have shared your post on various social media. 

Then your post may not be ranking or is not a good visitor. So somehow if you can't get your post ranking and bring good visitors then you need to do search engine optimization of your post with the search engine. Then search engines will help to rank your posts.

You may now easily understand how SEO works. We have created a lot of posts on how to do SEO for your website and if you read those posts you will understand much better.

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