what is pi network

Pi network is a new digital currency.it allows one to get grow the Pi holdings and also helps to work as a wallet to host the digital money.

Pi is fairly and evenly distributed. This app is eco-friendly and uses very low battery power of your phone. I have been using this app for a few months.

It is really a great concept. It is very easy to mine with 1 tap just daily. It doesn't use the battery and data much too. 

The only problem I felt is the verification procedure that makes some difficultiesAre you know about bitcoin that is cryptocurrency. It is a cryptocurrency. But the pi network prize is low. As cryptocurrency is marketing the same pi network is marketing. 

You can buy a pi network and you can sell the pi network.you can mining with the pi network. Do you want to use it so you can use an app so you will go to google play store and download and install the pi network app? 

And you can market with buy and sell and mining.you will know everything with network and after work with it or you can lose and hamper. Many people now use the pi network .many freelancers are working with the pi network and the public. Always the pi network is being high. 

As early bitcoin prize was low after the bitcoin price is high. The feature we can hope will high. Is this real or a scam? It is a genuine Pi has the main team is Stanford PhDs and one Stanford MBA. 

They are work always to improve the pi network. So they can not say with 100% surely will it succeed. We Are working with our team to people give good service. 

How good is it? Well, we don’t know because it isn’t on the market yet, it’s still in the beta phase. But, it’s free, doesn’t cost you anything to try. Maybe it won’t be worth something in the future and maybe it will, you never know, the same was for bitcoin, people didn’t know what to expect, and now you can see bitcoin is right now.

What is the expected value going to be?

It really can’t be determined a bit like that, it depends on tons of things like demand and provides, news influence is one among the most factors, etc. First, it needs to hit the market, and then we can talk about what the expected value is going to be.

The real question is how do you mine? 

You have to open the app and click on one button every 24h in order that you prove that you simply are a credible contributor to the network and that is how you mine. It doesn't need to run in the background, so you can close the app at any time and open it after 24h to click the button again and it will still mine, ie give you coins.

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