Top Ways to Earn Money Online


Google Adsense

If you've been using the Internet, you've probably heard of Google AdSense.And if you haven't heard or don't know, now you know what Google AdSense is and how to make money with Google AdSense.Google AdSense is an ad network media from Google. 

People or companies that want to let people know about their products or merchants with ads or sell their products through ads also have their ads on various websites or through YouTube.

You may have seen a lot of videos on YouTube, so you must know by now that when you watch videos on YouTube, small ads are shown on top of the video or sometimes video ads are launched. 

These ads are given through Google Adsense. Now the question is how you can earn income through this Google Adsense. 

There are two terms for you to earn income from Google Adsense. You can sell your product through Google AdSense to your visitors through advertisements of your products or your company on different youtube channels or on different websites. 

There are currently a lot of companies that sell their products in this way. And those who have no company and no product, they do an affiliate marketing of different companies with advertisements in this way.

This way you can sell your products with Google Adsense and you can earn income. Or you can create a youtube channel or you can create a website and through that website or youtube, you can earn income with Google AdSense.

When you create a YouTube channel and create a video, the AdSense company will show a variety of end shows in and above or next to your video, and you get paid when visitors click on that ad. 

So you can create a youtube channel or a website and through it, you can earn income with Google AdSense ad.

Affiliate Marketing

Currently, affiliate marketing is very popular and it is a very big business or income we can say. You can do affiliate marketing by associating with different companies, you can market their different products and you will get a commission when people buy all those products from your affiliate link.


This is a very good and big kind of business you can sell you different products through an e-commerce website. If you have a store then you can sell the products of that store through different e-commerce websites. 

You can go to different e-commerce websites and create an account where you can present different products. 

He owns the Amazon company and is the richest man in the world. You can also sell products by creating an e-commerce website if you want. Or you can make different books or you can make different courses and sell them.

Sponsored Posts

You can create various sponsorship posts and you can publish them through your youtube channel website and you will earn a lot of good income. 

These sites are the best and the biggest side of all the types of income sites online, you can do anyone.

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