things to consider before buying a domain hosting

You are thinking to create a website or blog. You want to make a good career with a website or blogging. You need a domain and hosting. Now you are looking for a free domain/hosting or low prize domain and hosting. You are seeing an offer buy hosting with free a domain prize of 10$-15$. Then you are very happy. It is a very low price. Many websites offer it some time. But it will lose if you buy it.

You are passing a good time but after somedays start problem for your domain/hosting. It is not logging, hack your website, or any problem. Today's hack next days file is not found or the server is loading slow.
Then you are very unhappy so you did not know about the hidden matter.

Today's we will discuss for domain and hosting rules buy early.When you buy a domain/hosting early see their condition and contact with theirs.

You must need a control panel for your domain. If you do not have the control panel of your domain.you can not move your domain another website. The domain control panel is very important. You can change your hosting anytime anymore. It is not very problematic. But the control panel must need it.

Are you use the domain on your blog or website? It is not very important. Important things are your domain control panel. If you do not have the control panel so the domain owner is not you. Free domain/hosting never uses. I can not like it and i can not support for free domain and hosting buy or low prize offer without getting a control panel.

You can change your domain nameserver and a record and name change and other anything. But the domain authority code is important. If you do not know your domain authority code or you are not seeing your domain authorization code. 

So it is very bad that you mean now.it is not your domain fully.
If you want to change your domain provider company then you need your authorization code. Others you can not use it.

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