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Every new blogger is very problem how to SEO for my blog. They do not understand properly blog SEO. Any can not reach their goal without good blogger SEO. 
Blog optimization is very important that is not imaging. 

So we discussed today how to optimize your blog. And we are sharing how to blog post blog or website SEO tips and al the matter about it. We will discuss with some step for your SEO blog problem.

1. SEO friendly blog design:

seo friendly blog design

SEO blog design is very important. More the beginner can not do properly optimization blog-friendly. They do not know how to make a visitor-friendly blog design. 

They always search google and youtube on how to get a free thems or template for my blog. It is wrong to think.
A free template can give you a good SEO friendly blog.you can do all things on the free template. If you have low money then you can use a free design.

All the better is the pro template. Because the free template is not an optimization quality future. Seo friend blog design is the best without free template use by google. You need your blog design quality full. The visitor will get Beautifull places. They will remain your blog maney time for your SEO design to improve.

Now we can say a great blog design must need you to improve your visitor and ranking.

2.Important content:

Important Content

Content is 80% important a blogger. A visitor always visits a blog just content. Do you know how to write great content and SEO friendly content? Must I want to know your answer yes? if you do not so you can read your other SEO friendly articled to learn properly.

You can not think of a good rank or a great visitor on your blog. If you do not make an optimization post.

Now you are reading the article. Must the necessary thing you want in the article. Because you click the post for your necessary article.

If i write the article with other matter as how to optimize blog
how to add your blog to a google search engine, how to SEO your WordPress website,how to optimize blog posts,how to optimize my blog for search engines,how to optimize your blog posts for SEO etc.then you are unhappy by reading the article. 

Because the article is another subject. You will not get your necessary thing in the article.
Now you can understand obviously. You make the content about the title. 

Write an easy article and use an easy word in the post for good SEO. Always use small sentences because everybody likes a small sentence.

Write your content with the black color text and background White.You can use other colors to highlight any sentence or word. Never use an extra subject. Most of the beginners can not make quality and SEO friendly content. They do not know-how SEO in the post of the blog. 

They write always and Althing with their own. If you are a professional blogger so you will maintain SEO. Without SEO blogger posting you will not succeed.

3/Blog speed:

blog speed

Blog speed SEO is very much important. Google says speed blog always gets first ranking. If your blog speed into 3 seconds. So it is good for loading SEO. 

Anybody do not like and use a slow website. When we search on google then google shows top-ranking the speed blog. 

Then a slow blog can not come on the first page. So it can impact the speed of SEO.

When you create your theme then your say you're to theme create speed them.

When we visite any slow blog then their post takes more time to load then we close their post or website anytime we do not want to visit their website.

Because anyone does not have a waiting time for the post. Everybody wants to speed post and website. It is help visite for SEO.

Now you can understand about the blog speed and post. So always use a speed blog.

 4/links on a page:

links on a page

You should use under 100 links on your blog post for optimization. If you want to use a link in your article so you can do it but under 100.

So maintain your link use plan. And make a great link. If we use more links to our post so visitors will unhappy and it will not SEO post for blogger. How link blog posts help you?

It will help you with google top ranking. If you can use a high-quality link for your blog so it will help for SEO. You can also use a link after the end of the article. 

Then you can use your suggest article link or another backlink. Visitors can click the link and read the article. It will help the visitor.

If you use more link in your post so google robot can take it to be scammer post or scammer link. 

5/Limit your ad space:

limit your ad space

Make a plan for your ads. We always use an ad for our blog. So we need to use an ad for someplace. 

We can not use everyplace the ads. It will come to a bad effect on our post and blog SEO. we can use the target place and some important place so we can use ads less. 

The user always like without ads post. Anybody does not like an ad.

6/Keep your images small:

keep your image small

The image can take rank your post. So image SEO is most important. How much important for use image? I can not express about important use them in your blog to ranking google for SEO posts. 

Properly SEO image can help you to come top ranking the post so you need to use the image.

People always like the image. Image increase beautiful the post. So always use the image for your post.  

jpg format is the best to use post SEO ranking. When you take an image then it will take jpg or edit jpg format. Because jpg format takes less place.

So that our post-loading speed does not slow. Other you can use other former but always take a small size. A big size image is slow our website and post. 

It can hamper for loading SEO speed. You should the image size under 200 kb.

And use alt text and image property. The property will help us to increase image SEO. 

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