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We can earn every month more money without any investment. At present, there are more people who earn with online.

Most of us who use the internet are preoccupied with a variety of social media apps or popular video sharing mediums like YouTube. Many people do not know that they can earn from the internet to work a small task. 

Much depends on the demand for work, control over the work, and whether the work will be enjoyable for you. Suppose you learned and applied for a job half-heartedly. So, you do not receive payment, then it will not be. 

You will know to work properly a certain job that you can do it properly. So you will properly evaluate from the work. Here are some of the tasks and types of work with you.

we are starting now for some categories job for that you can work without any invested money. So you need to learn something. Without knowledge, you can not make money online.

If you want to earn money early you need basic knowledge of the internet and computer. You can take one category site and start learning, if you are a beginner and start your career. 

Other, Are you a business man or do need extra money from your passion so you can work on your knowledge for the client and earn more money.

What is Freelancing? How to Start a Freelance Career?

Simply put, freelancing is a great way to make money online.

Thus, a person who has a job has to go to the office from 10 am to 6 pm and do some kind of work.
However, people who work through freelancing are self-employed. 

So, freelancing means working independently or freelance. I would not be wrong to say that this is also a kind of business. In this process, people find work through various sources online and work as they wish. In this case, those who work independently of freelancing are called "freelancers".

Today, through the internet, social media, and various freelancing sites, these freelancers find a variety of jobs, projects, or services, which they are completing in the allotted time for their clients.

And, their clients are paying them to complete the work or project. Of course, you can decide with your client in advance how much you will charge for the project or work you are planning to do. And, once the work is done properly, your money is paid to you.

There are many benefits to working through this. In freelancing, you can decide for yourself how much time you want to work, how much work you want to do and you will not do this job part-time or full-time


Because, to do almost all kinds of work, you only need a laptop or computer and an internet connection with it. So, you can do everything in your own home. We can also work with freelancing as a business.

Clearly about freelancing.

Freelancing means doing the work for others and taking money in return for the work you have special experience or skills. So, others will give you the job as they need it, and if you know that job, you have to give it to him at the appointed time. 

In this case, you need to know some skills or jobs that people will want to buy from you or want to do. Moreover, it can also be said that freelancing is a process where you work for others using the work or skills you know Here you can do different kinds of work. 

For example, writing, designing, digital services, selling services, or any other work that you know and that people want to do with you. These tasks can be done hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. So, in the end, this is what I would say if you want to do freelancing work and make money online from here, then first of all you have to see that you have even the special talent, quality, skills in return. 

People will trust you and give you work. So, what is freelancing or what is called freelancer, maybe you have good knowledge about this. So, let's know more about freelancing now.

1. Beginner online earning for Micro jobs

All you have to do is go to these popular web sites, just click on the ad and see those ads for a few seconds. By researching several of your websites and examining those websites, I can tell you that more than 5/6 of the companies that offer these jobs not only give their employees the appropriate honors but they also try to give the honors at the right time.

So no waste your time you can start now and make money. 

If you are a beginner so you can start this work and you can make money something and you can earn more money if you get a big site.If you are a poor man so you can earn some money and other time you can learn a professional freelancer site that will earn a lifetime.

Example-most of the freelancers that work a small site when they start online because they do not know how to earn from online. After some time they know how to earn money online then they can earn a lot of money.

If they try own to earn money then they lose their time for some money. And they tried to earn money and suffer physical problems and others. One of the most problem the how to make money online they search for youtube and google again and again. 

After they mean how to earn money online then start good professional work. Then it needs more time to learn. They learn sufficient after they can make money more. Many people lose their dreams. Because they do not have time then they are failed to earn money online. 


What is youtube? Youtube is one of the most popular and big video-sharing website. It is a famous site in the world to share their video and make money or to grow their business. Many people share their videos to earn money. Also, many people make the video to sell their products. 

However, some people make a video on their hobby. 

Nowadays many people take their career on youtube. They make video and upload on youtube. 

Also, some freelancers take to youtube to share their knowledge and make extra money. 

How to earn money from youtube? 

Now you're thinking about how to earn money from youtube and make a good career. Early you should know what video you can make. 

How much have experience in your video category? If you have a category so you can start your youtube journey. Or you are a beginner you do not know your video category so you need to know and learn perfectly. 

If you do not learn perfectly you can not do good on youtube. Because some people early start youtube that you are choosing. You need to fight with them by making a good video. 

If your video well from another man so you will succeed as soon as. If it does not do you need some time. 

You will know to youtube all terms and conditions. And maintain it. You will create your youtube video and create your channel. Then you will upload your video. You will do a good SEO on your video. Continue to make videos and published them. 

Onetime you will gain a good visitor on your video and permitted visitor and subscriber. When you fill-up the youtube monetization condition then you will make money on youtube. You need to create an AdSense account to show your ad on youtube. 

Youtube is a passive income. You can earn a lifetime from youtube on your video. If any people copy your video you can notice and they will delete your video from their youtube channel. You can choose anything. 

We suggest you should a category that you like to do. So youtube is a free platform to upload videos and make money they want to you for your video. Your video is very important on their if you can make a good video.

Best of  Catagory and easy-

1.Technology- It is the most popular item for every beginner or big freelancer. More people work with technology videos. They make a video from their know and experience. 

Because of this, technology is one of the most popular topics today. So if you make a video about this, many people will watch your video and there will be a lot of income. So if you are experiencing anything so you can make  video on it and you can make money. 

Or beginner can take it, beginners will learn anything continue and make videos on it.

2.review-You can review any app software, product anything it is very easy for a beginner. Many YouTubers are makes review channels.

They earn more money from the review, they can earn money affiliate sponsor paid review, etc. Also, you can review any website. 

If you can a good review then you will get a good sponsor. Nowadays review is a famous video category. Everybody can make video on it. If you want to do it so you can start now.

3. Entertainment-It is a very popular site. you can work it. So you have investment if you want to make a movie drama etc. So we will say something category has Entertainment that's is free you can make video. 

As if you can make an animation or various things you can see on youtube and you can choose a category. 

Nowadays many young and many YouTubers make video for Entertainment that's free.

3. Blogging -

You want to do sustainable, dependable, and stable online, So blogging will well.  Blogging is a job that you can do part-time and full time. 

In the first place, when you add yourself to blogging, you have to give some time to understand blogging. 

If you can master the job once, you can earn a much more respectable income from this sector than many full-time employees. 

The blog is an online business site. It is a freelancing and business site. Any can work extra time out of his job.they can write an article and publish the article in a blog. 

Anybody can earn a lifetime. He can earn by ad show his blog.if he writes a goest writer so he will get some benefits or profit. if anyone does want to create his own blog and write articles to make money online free so he will create a BlogSpot account and create a domain. 

So the domain is free as-amaderpoth.blogspot.com.If he wants to top-level domain so his need to buy a domain as (99question.com). It will need 1$-15$ minimum.
So you will get a free domain, hosting, and template. You will get a templet any website so you will search
google for a free template and download it. 

You do not need any money. Now you can create a blog and publish your article and make a good SEO.

People write article own blog and other blogs to be a guest writer. If we say online sites so it is a very established platform. 

A top-level domain is the best to google top ranking. You need a template. you can use a free template.you will get free hosting by bogger.

How to succeed on the blog-

When you will create your blog then it will customize fulfill. And you will SEO so that your blog will show top lanking on google. If your blog does not show google top ranking you will not gain a more visitor.

You will publish continues and modify new upload on your old content. So that your website will rank because google robot will understand that you upload new articles continues and modify the old article google robot will take rank your website and your post.

If you maintain google rules and blog rules all terms and conditions you will succeed. 

Nowadays millions of people are working with a blog they are successful bloggers. So you will succeed. 

Why may you fail on the blog? 

If you don't obey blog and google terms and conditions. So you will fail because the blog is google platform Google will ban your account. 

And you will make great content from other bloggers. If you can not top-up google's first page so you will not get sufficient visitors then your mind will turn back from the blog. You need sufficient tolerance. 

You will want busily gain on the blog you will fail. The blog is a lifetime working platform you will gain slowly.

4.Online Surveys-

Nowadays almost everyone knows online and can earn money by doing an online survey from home. Online surveys are the best way to make money for homeworkers, part-timers, and students. Sites that have good surveys, you can register with those sites and earn money by completing various surveys. 

If you wish, you can check the online survey websites and get a lot more important information from those websites. You can sign up for the Sure Job training package, which will help you get this type of job. 

Also, you will get a job per hour or limit.You can create an account on fiverr,freelancer.com and Upwork, etc. The client will offer you a job. You can more make money from this platform. 

Many people are working there. We can say a survey is an easy job but you need knowledge. You fill up their form Survey company want various information you will give the right information.

5. Work as Virtual Assistants

Millions of people around the world are working from home as Virtual Assistants (VAs) and earning good incomes depending on time and skills. 

To work as a Virtual Assistant you can sign up for a variety of websites to work as a Virtual Assistant and charge $ 5- $ 10  per hour. People will give you work for your experience and your skill and they contact with pay and work. You can work 2 hours, 8 hours, or days as needed.

How to Start Earning Money Online Through Upwork?

Upwork is the largest online freelancing marketplace in the world. Initially, it was known as Odesk which later changed its name and merged with another marketplace Alliance called Upwork. Many people have a dream to work with Upwork that they are a freelancer or beginner. Again, there are those who like Upwork very much.

The reality is, whether you like it or not, no one can deny Upwork; Because its scope and impact are much greater. Maybe even more than you can think of! Big companies like Microsoft, Automatic, are also big company give a job on Upwork.

The biggest challenge for a freelancer is finding a client. Platforms like Upwork make it easy for both clients and freelancers to find each other. There are all kinds of freelancers in Upwork, whether it's extra income or main livelihood.

#What is Upwork and how does it work?

I have already said what upwork is. In Upwork, freelancers showcase their work and experiences on their profiles. Clients post on Upwork their work description and they say how much will pay to freelancers.  Freelancers send job proposals from their experience on the client worklist.

Clients are contracted by selecting one or more of their choice from a list of interested freelancers. Again, You can see profile and invite a client cor your work.

Simply put, Upwork's job is to connect the freelancer and the client. The whole process is done on the Upwork platform via the internet.

Freelancers have to share their remuneration with Upwork. Upwork will cut 20% first income from a new freelancer and it will give a specific client as a fee.  10% of the income of 5010-10000$  goes to the share of Upwork. And if the freelancer's income in that contract is more than 10 thousand dollars, he gets 5% from it. That is, the higher the income and the longer the long-term client-freelancer relationship, the lower the fee charge on the freelancer's account. In addition, Upwork charges different fees for different plans from the buyer's side.

#Types of work at Upwork

Upwork based on freelancing will see different types of work. Mainly art and skill-based work are important here. The main categories of work that will be seen in Upwork are as follows:

Photography and editing
Video production
Web design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social media management
Graphic design
Software development
Literature (writing and editing)
Voice over
Art direction
Support, Virtual Assistant
Account management and job application / messaging can be done through both the Upwork website and the app. Also, their payment system is much more secure. Upwork offers fixed price and hourly wages. 

Upwork will take a commission of your income, but a freelancer in such a huge field is not an easy task. Upwork will help you find clients. In this case, if you can accept the dividends that they are receiving, it will not be a problem for you to work through Upwork.

#How to open an account at Upwork?

If you have decided to work at Upwork, sign up as follows -

1. Enter Upwork's sign up page.
2. If you want, you can also use their Android app for this purpose. However, if you sign up, you will be redirected to the previously mentioned page.

3. Fill out the form with all the necessary information.
4. Properly verify email and phone numbers.
5. When all the information is written correctly, now press the submit button.
If you follow the rules of up you will be built up successful member of Upwork. But you have to wait until the account is approved.
After successfully creating an Upwork account, you can follow the steps below. It will give your chances of getting a job.
Verify your ID by entering this link.
Mention the experience and details of the work you did in the past on your profile.
Fill in all the required information by entering the view profile option.
Design your profile based on your skills.
You can visit Upwork's Freelancer Education Center. 

#Upwork membership and connections

You will connect with the client to send your proposal work. In other words, Connect works as a token here. You need 1 to 8 connectors to bid for each job. However, if the project is canceled, you will get your connections back. After signing up for Upwork you will get some connections for free. But they will run out in a few days. If you use Upwork's free membership plan, you'll need to pay 0.15 for each connection. However, those who subscribe to the monthly membership plan for. 14.99 will get 60 connections for free. The plan also includes some additional benefits. Read our post to know more details about Upwork Connects.

#How to get a job at Upwork?

1. Login to the Upwork site or app, enter the "Find Work" tab, and find the work of your choice from the feed. You can also find work by searching.
2. Read the job description when you find the desired job.

3. Click on the "Send Proposal" button.
4. You will show your identity, work experience, and expected honors.
5. If the client is interested in working with you, he will contact you by message.


Set profile picture to look beautiful.
Complete your profile with all the information.
Properly display your skills and experience when submitting a proposal or bidding for a job.
Take part in Upwork's local events.
Respond to the client's message in a timely manner.
Ensure the proper dignity of your work. Be careful that no one cheats on you.
Always be honest.
Exaggerating your skills will be detrimental to your Upwork career.
Upwork allows one person to use only one account. There is a possibility of a ban if you open more than one account.
Do you work online? Or interested in working online? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

                                        Part-Time Online Job

There are so many types it's hard to say. As such, there are many jobs involved with the Internet that, even if they start out as part-time jobs, have a lot of potentials to become full-time jobs in the future. I myself am currently earning a good amount of money by doing online jobs from home through the internet. 

However, a few years ago, I started the whole job as a part-time job. But, now my part-time online work done through the internet has turned into full-time work. So, if you are thinking of earning extra money by doing some online work through the internet, then there are plenty of opportunities.

1. Blogging-part time or full time

Maybe looking for some simple "online part-time job" 

outside of work or an "online job" for the purpose of earning more money. In either case, you can do blogging. 

Thousands of students, housewives, retirees, and people interested in part-time work are blogging. And, they can easily earn around Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. Some people are earning more than 1 lakh rupees from blogging.

The point of blogging is to create your own blog site where you can share your knowledge, experiences, tips, and tutorials on various topics as articles, which can be useful or useful to the public. 

This way, by publishing articles on your blog, you will get traffic and visitors to the blog from the internet and Google search. 

And, once the traffic and visitors to the blog come, you can earn money from the blog through various means.

Once the unique visitors to the blog start hoping for between 1000 and 2000 every day, I will be able to earn a good amount of part-time income through "Google Adsense". 

By blogging properly, it is possible to earn around Rs 10,000 per month from this first stage. 

In addition, there are other lucrative ways to make money from blogs, such as affiliate marketing, advertisement networks, direct product selling, etc. 

You can easily become a part-time blogger. However, it will take some time to learn all the important information about blogging and to learn to blog.

As such, there is a lot of competition in blogging these days. So, in order to earn part-time online from blogging, you must have trouble with time in blogging. 

However, in the case of the best online job, "Blogging" is the best and most profitable.

2. Online paid survey -part time or full time

This is a different and lucrative online job, which you can do especially as a part-time. Here, you don't need to spend much time. Only, you can do this online survey while you are free. 

In general, online survey work has to give your own opinions on different products and services. 

And, since this work is done online, survey work can also be done as an online part-time job. So, if you search on the internet, you will find many online survey websites that are really paid. 

However, there are many survey websites that do not agree to pay you for your time later. In this case, you need to work on some good and genuine survey websites.

3. Affiliate marketing-part time or full time

If you want to make yourself a rich person by earning money online with hard work, then affiliate marketing is your job. There are many opportunities to make money online through affiliate marketing. 

Today, different people are doing online affiliate marketing, earning millions of rupees. In fact, affiliate marketing is an online service where, by "joining" any online company's "affiliate program", you can promote and sell their products and services. 

And, for every product sold, you are paid a commission by the company. In this way, different people are joining Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and some of the thousands of affiliate networks on the Internet, selling their products and services online.

In contrast, they are able to earn a good amount of money. Remember, in affiliate marketing you only have to promote and sell any company's product or service. 

Moreover, you have to think about the issues of product delivery, maintenance, etc. You have to be more discriminatory.

4. Work at Fiverr-part time or full time

Fiverr is a very popular and popular website, where you can sell your work and services for $ 5 ()). 

Many more people from India and Bangladesh are making good money by working online on this fiber site. Here you can do not just one type, but any kind of work. 

Find people or freelancers on the Fiverr website for companies and individuals to do different things. 

For example, you can design a beautiful logo. In this case, for those who are looking for a good freelancer to create a logo here, you can create a logo for them. 

And, unlike creating a logo, you can earn at least $ 5 ()) from the company or person who hired you. 

In this way, if you know any kind of work, such as article writing, coding, web designing, animation, digital marketing, SEO, etc., you will get different clients for any work.

5. Online tuition services-part time or full time

Currently have a variety of free video call or video chat applications. E.g., skype and google duo. 

So, with this kind of live video calling apps, you can give online tuition to your students from anywhere in the house. 

Currently, coronavirus is causing lock-down in the country and abroad. And, at this time students will be very interested in intuition through video chatting sitting in their own house. 

Also, there are many online websites where you can take an online class as a part-time teacher.

6.Content writing-part time or full time

work If you like writing articles, then content writing work will prove to be the best online part-time job for you.

There are various mediums and processes that can be used to earn money by writing online content. 

You can go to different freelancing websites such as "Fiverr", "freelancer.com", "Upwork", "hirewriters.com", "iwriter.com", etc., to find content writing work.

If you have experience in writing and if you can do this in the right way then you can earn at least “$ 20” every hour by doing this online work.

7.Online data entry jobs-part time or full time

You will find many types of data entry jobs on the Internet. If you have good typing speed and want to earn income from part-time internet, then it would be better to do this kind of work. In order to do data entry work, you have to look for these jobs in person. 

And so, if you search for "data entry jobs" on the Internet, you will find many types of websites. However, on various freelancing websites such as "Fiverr", "Upwork" and "freelancer.com", you will find this type of data entry work.

8. Make money by playing games-part time or full time

You can also earn money online by playing games. There are many websites and mobile apps on the Internet that allow you to earn money by playing games. 

Moreover, there are various gaming companies who pay money to taste the games of different people while testing the games. 

However, I can't tell you more about these types of gaming companies.

10. Become an online seller-part time or full time

There are many online marketplaces in which we can sell our products. Different sellers sell their products and services on eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and other such marketplaces. 

Or, there must be some other popular marketplace website in your country. In this case, you need to go to these marketplace websites and create an account as a seller. 

Now you can sell any product in the marketplace. If you do not have anything to sell, then go to the wholesale market next door and see which products you can buy with less money and leave more money in the online marketplaces. 

You can also sell them online in this way with the dealership of a particular product. All you have to do is check people's orders. When you receive an order, it will be done by shipping them directly.

11. photography-part time or full time

Many people have passion and hobby to do photography. However, now your hobby of photography will give you the opportunity to earn money online.

Because there are many online companies on the internet that will pay you for the photos you take. Simply put, you can sell your photos online. 

Moreover, you can create your own stock photo website and sell your photos online.

12. YouTube video creator-part time or full time

Nowadays, everyone knows that YouTube is the best way to earn money online. 

Every day thousands of videos on various topics are uploaded on YouTube.

And, these videos are uploaded by ordinary people like you and me. However, what is the benefit of uploading videos to YouTube? 

When you watch a video on YouTube, you may have noticed that before the video starts and some advertisements are shown in the video from time to time. 

And, through these ads, "YouTube" and "the owner of the uploaded video" are both making money. To make money from YouTube, you first need to create a "YouTube Channel". 

Then, you need to create and upload good videos to your channel. After a while, when you have a good number of subscribers to your channel, you can apply for "YouTube monetization", you can think of earning from YouTube. 

As such, there are thousands of YouTubers who are making good money through their YouTube channels. 

Most people start their YouTube career as part-time jobs online. However, many of them turned it into a full-time career as a result of their own work and hard work.

13. Digital marketing service-part time or full time

Digital marketing has proven to be a very fast-moving industry in any country. So, by doing a good digital marketing course, you can learn the whole thing in just 3 months. 

Digital marketing means marketing and promoting various products, services, websites, videos, etc. online through the Internet.

And, once you learn the techniques of digital marketing, you can definitely earn part-time income from home. Demand has risen as a result of corporate scandals.

And so, by creating a tutorial video related to digital marketing, this online course you can teach students with some money.

14. Earn from android app-part time or full time

It is a means of making a part-time income by creating an Android app but it can be very profitable.

Nowadays, many people create an android app and then place an ad on "Google AdMob" and leave it in the "Google play store". From the side. 

And, for every ad shown, you will earn money. So, by creating a simple android application, you will have the opportunity to earn a good amount of money. 

To earn money through the Android application, first of all, you need to create an app.

If you have some money, you can create an app with 5,000 to 10,000 with an app developer. Once the app is created, you can upload your app to the "Google play store" for only $ 25 for one time. Once a number of people have downloaded and started using your app, your income will be turned on through the app.

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