Today, almost all of us use smartphones. Some are less expensive, some are more expensive. Less expensive or more expensive world currently has a smartphone in almost every family. 

Again, many families have one or more smartphones per member. Because this smartphone has many advantages such as Internet access, listening to music, taking pictures, watching videos are some of the essential things that we can do with a single device. 

And that is this little smartphone. Despite the fact that there are so many advantages, there are some disadvantages to smartphones. And one of the main problems is that the smartphone gets hot. 

Every smartphone is hot, whether it is less expensive or less expensive. 

And since the smartphone is an electronic device, a lot of electricity flows through it, so it will be hot, that's normal.

But overheating is also unusual and a sign of great danger.

There are some specific reasons why smartphones get overheated. 

So, for those of us who use smartphones, it is very important to know why smartphones are hot and what is the solution. If not, you could be in big trouble at any time.

The reasons why smartphones are usually hot-

1/Processor: The processor is very important for a smartphone. And one of the main reasons behind a smartphone getting hot is the processor getting hot. 

The processor in mobile is a part that is active all the time. 

Whether you use the phone or not, the processor of your phone is working properly. And since the processor is a major component of the mobile so there is always a lot of electricity flowing through this small processor so the processor is always hot and your smartphone feels hot due to the fact that it is connected to the body with your phone.

2/Battery: The smartphone will not run without a battery. But now smartphone companies are able to use the highest technology of smartphones, but the battery technology has not improved much. 

Another big reason behind a smartphone getting hot is the weak battery. The weaker the battery of a smartphone, the more likely it is that the smartphone will overheat. 

Weak batteries also generate a lot of heat when charging and discharging. As a result, the whole mobile body feels hot.

3/Weak network: If your phone's network goes up and down, it means that your phone gets hot. Because if your phone network is weak then your phone has to get extra speed to get the network signal. If your Wi-Fi network is weak, then you have to put extra pressure on your phone and work extra to get its signal, which makes your phone extra hot.

How much heat is normal?

your phone is more expensive because it is less expensive, it is not right. It can heat  35-48 degrees. However, even in standby mode, if the phone is heated to 35-48 degrees Celsius, then you understand that there is a problem with your phone.

How to protect your smartphone from overheating?

1/Before using your phone, make sure that your phone has enough charge. Never use a low charge phone. The low charge puts extra strain on the phone causing the mobile to overheat. 

2/Keep WiFi off except usage time. 

3/ Update all apps and software regularly. 

4/Keep notifications off of all apps except required. 

5/Delete unnecessary messages. 

6/Clear RAM and cache regularly. 

7/Refrain from using many apps or software at once. 

8/Which apps are taking up more space in the background, keep them closed. 

9/Refrain from using animated national wallpapers. 

10/Try to keep the brightness low. 

11/Use a cover on the smartphone so that it can absorb heat and less heat outside.

12/Refrain from charging for a long time. Remove the charge from your phone as soon as it is fully charged. 

13/If you run a high-intensity camera on the phone, it may get hot. 

14/Note whether the virus is infected. 

15/Refrain from using any malware today. 

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