How to Open My Own Blog For Free?

how to open my own blog for free
Today we will say, how to open a free blog for your own. 
First, you need to choose a noise or a blog topic to start a blog. You can start a blog for free, you do not need any money. To create a free blog so you will get more websites but is the batter. 

Blogger is a google product. You get many useful services. And it is very good security and all thing free. Also, you will get a free subdomain.

Here are some Blogging platforms:

1.WordPress 2.Blogger 3.Tumblr 4.Ghost 5.MovableType 6.Pagekit 7.Posthaven 8.Svbtle  9.Anchor CMS 10.Blog Engine is the most popular and everyone uses it. So you can go to and you can create an account.

Also, you can get a subdomain and you will AdSense easily.
You do not need more requirements to get AdSense. When you fill-up googles terms and conditions then you will apply for Adsense.

You will follow and set up this step for your new own blog:

1. Choose a great blog platform
2. Choose a domain name and blog name
3.Design your new blog
4.Useful resources for blogging
5. Make SEO in your blog
6.Create backlink
7. Continue to stay with marketing for your blog. 

After sign up a then you will set up a good looking template. And SEO friendly template then customizes your blog.

After you will do SEO. Seo is important to rank your website on google.
If you can buy a domain so it will increase your website to be a branding website. Go to your blog setting and complete your blog setting.

Website customize is difficult for a beginner blogger. You can help youtube video to step by step customize for your blog template.

If you search google to get a free temple for your website then you will get more website links. You will get more template than choose a temple and download it and install your blog theme option.

Now you can work with your blog and you can post continually.
After someday when visitors will come to your blog then you can apply for Adsense and you can make money. Day by day your blog will big if you published a high-quality post.

We have already published about to learn beginer.
So you can read the article it will help you to get more information.

What my problem with your free blog?

You have created your free blog. But it is not 100% yours.Just the post is yours and you are using google hosting and subdomain so any time google can ban you. If you happen anything wrong so google can ban. You will maintain google's condition.You will not get easily top ranking. You can make money but not more.

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