how to earn money in tumblr
How You Can Make Income From Tumblr. Many people use Tumblr for various purposes. Some may be marketing and some may be spending their extra time as entertainment. You may be familiar with Facebook, Twitter, or many other social media. They are probably used or seen by everyone. 

This Tumblr company is almost the same. But it is a little different as many people call it a blog and many people use it as a blog. 

This company has a lot of traffic, a lot of people visit and there are a lot of people who are marketing their online through this company, you can also market very easily.


If you want to make income from this company, you first need to create an account and customize the accounting very well. 

If you use a blog or a website or you know how to use them to create posts then you can do this very well by creating an account to customize the account.

Once your account is created very well you will need some followers. You need to add some people as followers to your account.


Now you have to create a post on how you can earn income and you have to publish those posts. You can earn income through that post. 

You will see at the top of your account there is a level, there are links or video images, etc. Many more levels have been created. You can publicize image videos or links to any of your posts through Level.

If you have a website and if there is a post on that website and you want to publish that post then you can share the link of your post here.

If you want to post an image, you can post it here. Suppose you have a product or a product you want to sell. You can sell that product by uploading the image here with the link of that product. 

You will publish the post and from that post. People will buy your product if they like it. Thus different people are selling their products, many people are doing affiliate marketing. 

You can create a video to sell a variety of products and upload that video.It's almost like Facebook marketing, so if you use Facebook, you can use it easily. 

If you have a video on YouTube or a post on your website, you can promote it here. Suppose you have made a beautiful video about an Amazon product. 

You can publish the video here the way you are publishing YouTube You can earn money by promoting your products or increasing the video views of your website YouTube.

How much will be the income?

He has no idea what change income you can make. The better your account, the more followers you have, the more visitors you will get, or the more revenue you will have. 

Suppose you have 10 thousand followers. You posted a video. From that video, you sold a product 100$ of that product. You get 10% commission, then your 10$ income.

This way you can increase your income from thumbnail company if you can use it a little better and with a little bit of good intellect you can earn income from here.

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