how to create a blogger and make money

Everybody makes money anyway. But passion is a must need for a good career. Nowadays many people are making money by creating a blog and they have build a good career on the blog. Blogging is a passive income and passive career. It is content marketing. Every market business has a competitor and has more people.

Million of people are working with the blog. More people are doing business with their products or affiliate. It is the most popular way.

So never thinks that blogging is easy it is just competition. You need a big experience with SEO.

If you know properly with SEO so you will do well. Nowadays many people are working with their niche.If you are a beginner you will think of a less competitive niche and competition post. Never think to earn money soon. 

Because blogging needs more time to succeed. Always you need tolerance for your work. Most of the new bloggers can not succeed in their tolerance is less.

I have created a blog and I make money on the blog. Also, I have build my career on the blog. Anyone wants to make money to create a blog. 

They can create a blog. So everybody can not earn money by the blog. Because to earn by need more time to succeed and need proper knowledge. 

Also, you can not succeed  100% without a good niche and. So we need a good niche that is low competition. 
Because a beginner can not succeed with high competition.
Now we suggest creating a blog and how to make money by the blog, Read under all the step.

How to create a blog?

If you have a Gmail account so it is easy now. Or you need to create a Gmail account. You will go to create google and search create Gmail. Then click the link and create Gmail. 

1. Go to www.blogger.com then click create your blogger and submit your email or sign in.

create your blogger

2. Choose a Name for your Blog

Choose a name for your blog with plan your URL and all things. The name is very important for a blog. Do not forget to take a bad name.

After choosing the name creates your blog then click the next button.
choose name for your blog
Thanks your blog name is complete.

3. Choose URL For Your Blogger

Choose a URL  for your blog.your blog name and your URL will same. Write your URL and click the save button.
choose url for your blog
Congratulation you have created your blog for the primary step.

4.Go to settings 

Set up the title. The title will your blog name. The description will set up about your blog. 

Set up a custom domain. If you buy a custom domain then you will set up or you can use the Blogspot domain.

A custom domain is better for a blog. If you use a custom domain so it will help you to google rank. You can not famous your blog with the default domain. It is just a google subdomain. 

Allow Https. Create your blog meta tag. You can see the image to understand properly from my real blog.

Click your custom robot.txt button and off it. Them go to the browser and search your blog type your URL and /robots.txt(Example-https://www.99question.com/robots.txt) Also see imgae-
robot txt
Copy the robots.txt from user agent to sitemap. And past your custom robots.txt and allow your custom robot. See under the image for properly.

blogger settings
Latest and customize your blog on google search console.


You can use a custom theme. It is better for looking, SEO friendly,visitor-friendly, google friendly, and easy. Most of the people use a custom theme.

You can not top-up soon without a custom theme. Must use a custom theme.

You can use free by download any website. And better if you can buy any custom domain.
costom theme

6. Restore and upload the theme

Click the Restore button and upload your custom theme. After upload your custom theme you will customize your theme properly.
restore blogger theme

Now you have complete your blog set up and create. Regularly published your post. Write better articled and published it will set up an automatic google search console if you setup searches console your blog.

How to make money?

You will publish a more 10-50 post. When the visitor will come on your blog regularly at less 10-20 daily then you will apply for google AdSense your blog.

You Will earn sufficient money from your blog. I hope you will better.

Extra, you can earn from an affiliate, sponsored, your own product sell, etc.

You do not need other any word after your blog customizes designed completely.

Just you need continuously published posts.

A blogger can earn money from his blog anymore in more ways.

We have early discussed how to make money from blogs. You can read the post to take more information. We have shared the post more information online earn. 

Maney way we have said to earn money from online, youtube, blogging, affiliate, sponsor, parttime job, fulltime job, survey, and more ways.

Must read the article I have given the link under.Other ways you will miss for all information for your blogging career.

More to obey and AdSense:

Always maintain the rules of Google. Read the terms and condition the google and blogger.

Never go out of their rules so you will get a problem. It may banned your account or you can lose your Adsense account

Never use content to other people. Write your own content and published if your content copy other people without your order then you can complain. 

Otherwise, you will not get Adsense when you apply for it. Google reviews your website al things after they will give you AdSense by correct al things.

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