how to choose a topic for a blog

Just now you have started a blog or you thinking to create a blog or already you have created a blog but your problem is choosing a topic for your blog. 

You are looking to choose good and less competition blogging topics or niche.

Many of the beginner blogs are taking the wrong decision to choose his blogging topic. They search youtube google and ask to get a topic, anyone.

However, they get more topics for blogging. But they can not understand. What will better for his. Now I will solve your problem. And you will succeed to get your topic and you will good on your blog. Just read my article clearly.

Topic Choose:

I imagine that you are a beginner and you do not know anything for online, computer, blog and you have no experience with anything. More people come online and they search how to earn online. They are a student or any professional. Anytime you have known about a blog. So you want to start a blog and want to earn money. Never think you will not earn. You may earn a blog without any experience.

For student or beginner:

You can start your blog. So I will just ask you. What do you like? What is your hobby? What career do you want? What is your dream?

However, you do not know about your hobby demand. I believe you have an answer. It is your topic. You can take it. So you will succeed better. Because our dreamwork can build too big. Don't think that you can not take with your hobby. Many topic have on the blog. And your hobby has demanded all the around. If you know then you cannot run to search blogging topic.

Now start your blogging. Never waste time you will succeed with your hobby by the blog. When you start to write an article then you will improve your writing skills day by day. After some time you will gain a good skill. Then you will earn a lot of money with your dream.

Many of the people al the word are working with blogging and they have already success and making more money.How much topic has all the word? It is impossible for the count.So take your hobby. And start writing with blog.

Example.If you like to play football so you can write to football. If like to play a computer game you can write with a game. If you are studying to be a doctor. So you can write to 
your health.

If you like to learn always so you can write with technology. You will learn always and write this mater after learning.

Have to Experience anything:

Many people have experience with anything. So don't worry you can use your experience with blog topics. Your experience writing with a blog. So now start to write people are sitting for your experience. Because people want to learn updated knowledge.

So if you write with your experience so you will gain a good blog. You will earn money by writing your article. Al around has demand for your experience. So never choose another topic. You may fail with your blog. Because people want good content. Google always rank better article.

Earning with your topic:

Go to Amazon or another marketplace then you will see my topic product with same your blog topic. Or try to search for our topic. If you have the same topic then you can use the product affiliate link in your article. If you fail your product with the same blog topic. Then you can use related product topics.

You can write a product review. And use the affiliate link to earn more money. Another you can use Adsense ad network. People when reading your article then 
Adsense will show your post and people clock your ad and you can earn money. Nowadays Adsense is many popular ads networks. It is a Google company.

How to get more topic:

So it is easy. Some people want more topics because they do not want to start with their experience and hobby. They want to choose another topic. So you can make a list by amazon product. If you go amazon then you will see more products. 

As a t-shart then you can choose a category example-black t shart or white t-shirt. Then you can create your blog with just a black t-shirt. There you will write all the black t-shart reviews or articles. You can write to the laptop. You can take a laptop category then you can publish about a laptop.

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