how to build backlinks for new website
Backlinks are a very important factor in bringing a website to Google's rankings. Creating backlinks for your website is very important if you are creating a new website. 

If we go to Google and check the backlinks of different big websites, we can see that they have created a lot of backlinks for their website which is why they have been able to rank their website very fast. 

So you need to create backlinks to get your new website ranked on Google or to the top page. We will now discuss below how you can bring your website ranking very fast by creating very good backlinks for your new website.

Profile Backlink

This is an easy and very good way to create backlinks to bring ranking to a new web site. For example, Instagram and Twitter, when you go to all these websites to create an account, you will see that you will be asked to use the link to your website. 

You can then create a profile backlink using the link to your website when you create all these website accounts. These backlinks are very strong. 

If you search the name of my website on Google, you will see that Twitter Instagram is showing the names of different websites along with the name of my website. 

I used the link to my website in the profile of all the websites where I have an account which caused my website to rank very fast in Google. 

So if you create profile backlinks in this way then in a few days your website will be more likely to get top rank in Google.

Backlinks through answering questions

You can create a backlink by answering various questions on different websites like quora. These backlinks are very used and they are very strong.

This way you can create backlinks with links to your website and posts on your website by answering various questions. In this case, there are many more websites besides the quora website, you can use these websites very easily.

Quora currently generates a lot of backlinks because it is a strong website and the backlinks to this website are stong.qoura can create an account and create backlinks there, but if you create additional backlinks and post extra, your account may be banned.

Guest post

There are many online websites for guest posting. On those websites, you can create different posts and publish them and inside that post, you will use the link of your website or you will use the link of your post which will create the backlink of your website or your post. Backlinks can be created very easily. Many big websites bring rankings to their website by writing guest posts.


The mediums we talked about above are the mediums through which you can easily rank your new website by creating backlinks and at no cost.

So you must use these mediums for ranking your new website. Every website uses these mediums so you will continue to use those mediums and we will use those mediums.


  1. Nicely explained. However, the first impression I got while reading title along with domain name that I'm going to read 99 different ways to make backlink in this one blog only. Little disappointed now.

    1. Thanks for your comment we will come up with some new and better ways after the new update for 2021.If you stay with us you will get our latest updates easily. We are always ready to help you.


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