How to Remember the Read?-99question


1. 10 minutes of walking before reading: 

10 minutes of walking or light exercise before sitting at the reading table increases the capacity of the brain. It is quite convenient to remember to read. 

2. Feeling attracted to reading:

You need to be attracted to the subject you are going to read. Or try to read in an interesting way. It will be easy to remember to read. 

3. Mark using a marker pen:

Many of us mark or stain. Very effective to remember to read. Marking increases the attraction and interest in a word or sentence. It increases our brain's visual effect to remember our lesson.

4. Reading and Practicing More:

Our brain turns transient memories into lasting memories only when it is repeatedly input. 

Repeated input results in structural changes in the brain's memory structure that help create lasting memories. So read more and practice it is the best way to remember the read. 

5. Practice reading by writing or drawing pictures:

As soon as you read or write something, the interest in reading increases. Because according to neuroscience, writing, or drawing something stimulates most of the space in the brain and converts the picture into permanent memory.

However, reading is long-lasting in the brain." It is also generally understood that the subjects in the book are explained in pictures so we remember more. 

When we give the exam then the image shows your bran. So writing or drawing is very effective. 

6. Reading using the concept tree:

Before reading a topic, it is convenient to divide the chapters into several parts. It can be compared to a tree. 

Considering the tree as a chapter, it is easy to remember to read by reading the summary of the parts on each page. This method is called concept tree. It is quite effective in remembering reading. 

7. Choosing the right time to read:

Many people think that reading all day-night is more like reading. 

This is a very wrong idea. Our brains can not work the same as always. Some sciences say your our brain function tends to increase afternoon. 

So reading in the afternoon i.e. It is more effective evening and night.

8. Making Nimnik: 

Our brain can't remember random things. So if you arrange something in the form of a table or a table or make a rhyme of a poem, it can be easily remembered. This technique of memorizing reading is called mnemonic. 

9. Adequate sleep:

The brain converts any information into memory during sleep.So it is important enough sleep to remember your read.

A healthy person should sleep for 8 hours. If you sleep low you lose to remember your lesson.

10. Teaching others what I have read:

This method has been very popular since ancient times for remembering to read. What we have learned and know so we should teach others. 

Teaching other people so that your readers will batter and you can know how much you have learned. Also, your knowledge will increase.

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