How Does Youtube Send Money?-Withdraw Youtube Money

how does youtube send money
Youtube is a popular video-sharing platform. They send money to YouTubers.When you make money from youtube then the youtube team will send money by google Adsense. Realy YouTubers earn money by AdSense ads. 

If you have a youtube channel and you have made money. Now how to get your payment. It is important to receive the money. 

A new YouTubers make his first payment. This time is very happy. And happier when he received his first payment. He overthinks how to get his earning and when he received his money from youtube. 

Now we will say step by step how to receive your payment by youtube. 

Google Adsense: 

When you create your Google Adsense then you will set up your correct information. Youtube will not send money to you. Google Adsense will pay you. Google Adsense is a Google platform. Early you need to fulfill 100$ then you will receive your first payment.

You need 1000 subscribe and 4 hours watching time(2020). You will apply for monetization. Youtube team will review your channel and they will give you a monetization button.

Then your earning will start with AdSense ads. After your 10$ earning, Youtube will send verify pin latter. You will verify your account. When you will earning 100$ then you can withdraw your youtube earning money by your bank account.

Your name address needs correct with your AdSense account and your bank account. Otherwise, you will not get your payment.

They will pay with your bank account every month. Bank payment is the best method. You can select another method.If you have a bank account then you will add your bank account or you will create a bank account.

You do not need any more work to get your youtube/Adsense payment, they will send your money on your bank account every month automatically.

How to set a bank account with your Adsense: 

1. Go to your Adsense account after going to the payments option
2. Click the Add payment method.
3.After click bank account/wire transfer
4. If you have any Beneficiary ID you can add it.
5. Write your bank account name. Bank account name and google Adsense name need the same.
6.Bank name
7.Swift Bic of your bank
8.Account number
9. Click the Save button

When your account balance 100$ up then the Adsense team will send your money with your bank account.

Why will You not get paid?

If you write any wrong information then your payment will not send to your bank account. Somebody mistake his account information set correctly. Then many problems happen with theirs.

You have given your correct information also you have received any payment some month but sometimes payment does not send the correct time. It is no problem. Because it is not your account problem. 

Sometimes it happens for transition late. You can contact with Adsense team. They will say to you what is the problem to send your money or receive your youtube earning.

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