how to start a travel blog and make money
You can create a travel blog if you really like to travel. 
You can travel to different places and with experience, you can write about how to travel to all those places, how to do everything, you can write through blogging and visitors will read your writing and you can earn income from it. 

If you search on Google how you travel you will see many websites come up in front of you and you will get a lot of articles and you will be given various kinds of advice. 

This way you can create a website where you can write about your experience like others. There are a lot of people who blog like this, they write about how you can travel to a place like this, how you can travel to this place and what you think, how you can go, they write about everything in their blog so you can write like this. 

To do this you first need to create a blog or a good quality web site and design and SEO that website very nicely. You need to buy a domain about your travel blog website. We have already created a post on how to create a website. 

You can read those posts so you can understand them properly and create a website then you can start blogging. If you go inside our blog category you will find a lot of posts about blogging and you will read those posts from there. It costs a lot to block travel. 

So now we will explain to you how you can earn income from a travel blog. You can use Google Adsense for your blog. You can place ads on the website through Google Adsense, then visitors will enter your website, then if someone clicks on the ad, then there will be income from your website. You can also earn income from posts on your website by using affiliate links. 

When visitors read your post, you can click on the link to buy different products and you will earn a good amount of income. You can also take sponsorships from different companies and place those sponsorships on different places on the website so that you can earn a good amount of income. Most travel bloggers make money through affiliates. 

Affiliate Income is a popular medium for making income through websites. So you can create a website or create a block and complete that website and you can create posts there according to your skills. 

And you will monetize those posts and you will earn income through that monetization. When visitors read your posts, you will have income, so this is how you can earn income by creating a travel blog. 

It is very profitable to make income by creating a travel blog nowadays and a lot of people do these things so if you want to do it you can do it if you can afford it. 

Hope you can do something good from your travel blog.

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