blogging for beginners
Nowadays blogging is a very easy way to earn income and online has become a major source of passive income. 
So if you are thinking of a passive income, if you want a passive income, if you need a passive income, you can do blogging. Lots of people are blogging right now. 

First, you need to create a blogging account and buy a domain. Once you have purchased your top-level domain, you need to add that domain to your blog. 

And you need to buy a good quality theme and you can use it for free to customize it on your website. If you can't customize your website properly then your website may not rank very fast. 

You are a beginner blogger so you need to learn to blog properly. You can start blogging when you have learned to blog properly and very well. If you want better quality blogging then you can buy hosting. 

Hosting will make your website better. A high-quality website and SEO friendly website is very acceptable and makes people feel good using the website. 

So before you build your website, learn well, and build your website well because if you make some mistakes while building the website in the first place, your website can make a lot of big mistakes like a lot of broken links. 

There are many beginners who have made big mistakes from the beginning so I want you to stay away from these mistakes because it is too bad for the future. 

Now you have to set up a new domain very well and try to bring it ranking very well so your Work well towards the domain. 

There are many people who try to make a quick income from the blog but they eventually fail. So get rid of the worries of earning money in the beginning and keep trying to make your blog bigger. 

When your blog gets bigger, there will be more content, then visitors will visit your blog. Then you can earn a lot of income. 

You need to learn ACO very well and know how to do good keyword research and with good keyword research you need to write and publish articles. 

There are millions of people around the world who are blogging and they are making a lot of money so you need to visit their website and see and understand how they are doing. 

You need to create backlinks for your website and share your posts on various social media and try to let people know that you have such a blog.

When people find out about your blog then people will visit your blog and read your article. So you need to do social media marketing with your blog and your posts. 

But the biggest thing is to try to bring your post and your website to Google top ranking because if you can't give your post in Google top ranking then you will not get organic traffic. 

Organic traffic is the biggest thing and profitable digital.You don't need to do much social media marketing when your website starts getting organic visitors. 

So you have to create very good quality content and create good quality posts from your competitors so you can compete with them.

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