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Today we speak blog post SEO. Many of our visitors ask to create an article post SEO. Blogger SEO is one of the most essential things. Without SEO optimization we can not think top search ranking our post. So everybody does no how to ranking their blog post google search top ranking. 

We can rank our post with proper and good SEO. Many of the successful bloggers how to create their post-optimization.So today we can know how to create a Succesful blogger SEO. Read the article all and I hope you may rank or your post will rank, If your post will not rank so you will get good traffic. 

When I beginner on my blogger career then I filled the problem. So I will discuss and I will say how to SEO for my blog and I will use an image with every step with my account to understand googly. 

Are you know properly what is blog post SEO? It means your blogger post search engine optimization. I will start now our main topic so read attention the blog post optimization.

Properly plan blog post-Keyword Research SEO:

Blog Post Keyword Research SEO

Keyword reach is the most powerful and important things for your post. If you can write with proper keywords so you will gain your goal.

Some beginners use keywords with their own. So that they are failed to get good traffic. Never use your own idea keyword. Must you will use the keyword reached tool to get a good keyword.we can not thing to rank our post without a good keyword. 

Other easily you can rank google search top-ranking page with your own keyword but you never get good traffic if your keyword no volume. 

So you will use with volume keyword if your keyword many volume and competition more so you can some traffic if write more word with your competitor and write a better article from your competitor. 

You will get daily some visitors on your post. If your domain and website high and popular so never think for your competitor. 

If your blog or domain is new or low you will use low competition keyword also you can use 0 competitor keyword.

So that you need to write more articles so you can not get the average monthly visitor sufficient.

Now we have known with keyword reached for your post to ranking SEO. Use the keyword tool and take a good quality keyword and write the article with your keyword-friendly.

Blog Post  Focus Keyword and other Keyword SEO:

blog post seo keyword optimization

After the plan, your main keyword then sees your focus keyword and related keyword and google search ber keyword. when you type your keyword google search ber then you will see some keyword suggest by google. 

After down you will see your related keyword and you will see people also ask keyword. This category keyword in google suggests for you to know easy. 

You will think with all the keyword for your plan. So I will say to you, you need a proper keyword so that you need more knowledge for keyword research.

Blog Post  Title Optimization:

blog post seo title

The title is most important for your post. Without a good title with your keyword, you can not get a good CTR.CTR is on of the most important to get visitor.

When your post will see google page then how much people click your post.If your post not click and click the post of your down.

Then your post will down and his post will rank slowly and slowly.The title you will make with your main keyword so that visitor are interested to click and read your post.

If you make all thing right and wrong to make properly the title.it will impact of your post SEO.

Know we can say how much important to ranknink and seo for your blog post the proper title. now you can follow your competitor, what is use the title.

You can take knowlegde for your compititor post title.It is the best way to make proper title.

Blog Post Meta Description SEO:

blog post meta description seo

Meta description give us a more CTR.When people search post then they can see more post on google search page then they see first title and second meta description stage.

You will use meta description for your blg post to increase your view and SEO. Meta description tag gives us a focus.

You will use a description of your post for the meta description.Do not use other tage without your article related post. It will down your post by the CTR.

Make Internal Linking SEO for Your Blog Post:

make internal linking seo for your blog post

You can make a link to your article.if you have more articles with any subject so you can use an internal link to increase your post SEO.

If you have an old post that is a good ranking or related to the article then you can use the post link into your article. 

It is a good habit but not use more that is not visitor friendly. So will use the color the word you use the link. It will take focus.    

Images and Videos :

You can use the image for your blog post. The image will help with SEO. The image you use, it will copyright free. 

Image gives good looking for the visitor and read easy.if you use image any difficulty please to easy understand to post.It will help the visitor. 

Other you can use video it will help more effect on your post.Many people like the video to understand for their necessary thing.more people do not like read they want a video.Then your post will helpful for audience.

Now you are thinking, where you will get the free image to use the post.

No tension you can take a free copyright-free image for a copyright-free image website.

They give free images and videos to use everybody. You can modify and use them so you will see their rules. If you go out of their rules then you will get a problem.

After you will SEO your image and video properly.

Write an Easy And SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog Post:
how to optimize a blog, how to add your blog to the google search engine, how to SEO your WordPress website, etc. So I hope this article will help you, Please comment to me. 

Must write your post easy and SEO friendly. The article is 80% important for blog post SEO(optimization). So never write the wrong article. Write about your keyword.

Google robot always follows and ranging by best and good quality full article and easy and keyword-friendly. 

If your post keyword is SEO friendly post then you will write about it. Never write about just optimization, SEO, how to SEO optimize your blog,

So I think I have meant you the article writing. If you have any problem contact me or comment.

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