how to keep cool my head always

Some people are angry suddenly because their heads are hot.Again, the anger of many slowly rose. But many have the power to turn the world upside down when angry. 

This is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the subject. But the person who is angry, the loss is his. Everyone is advised to keep a cool head. 

But the head cannot be kept right in all situations. And people often say or do something out of anger, but there is no benefit in regretting it for the rest of one's life. But even if it is not successful, there are some simple ways to control anger. 

                              Below are 14 ways-

1. Once your head is hot, get out of where you are. This may not always be the case, but if you can do it, you can save yourself from doing a lot of wrong things in the heat of anger. 

2. As soon as the head is hot, he starts listening to music with headphones in his ears. Then close your eyes and drown in that song. Don't let any more thoughts come to mind.

3. If you have paper in hand, you start drawing. The colder the head, the more you will see that the drawing is changing into a beautiful picture. 

4. If someone is angry because of a bad word, do not shout and say hard to him in a cold head. Sweet but the most deadly thing can be said.

5. Keep chocolate or any of your favorite foods close at hand. When the head is hot, put it in your mouth. These are mood boosters. The more you taste it, the better your mood will be and the less anger you will have. 

6. Start playing games on the phone. It also works well to reduce anger. 

7. If you feel very stressed, choose a solitary angle and then think about the cause of anger. Think about how bad you are, how much injustice is being done to you. 

There is a time when you think you will be very broken. There will be a pity for oneself. 

After this catharsis, the head will gradually cool down, the mind will lighten and the anger will subside. 

8.If you are at home when you are angry, close the door and dress up. The way you make yourself the most beautiful outfit. Only when the mind is goodwill the door open. 

9. After being busy with work, be it housework or office work. That is why anger will fall as soon as it is removed from the head. 

10. Always keep perfume on hand. When you are angry, you will spray. The beautiful aroma in your hand relaxes the nerves. The mind becomes better.

11.Physical exercise: Physical exercise is a method to down your hot brain.If your problem is continually so you will physical exercise. 

Meditation is the most and powerful method to remove the problem. You can meditate to remove your hot head. More people do meditation continue. They fell a good result.

If you can continue the meditation you will good fell after somedays.

Your problem will remove day by day.

12.If you can not remove the problem anyways so go to the doctor and say your problem.

The doctor will help you. They give you a good decision on how to do remove it.

They can give any medicine. You will follow the doctor and continues to use their medicine. I think the doctor may solve your problem.

13. You can create rutin and write about your problem.Write your problem with the rutin when you fell the problem about it.It will help you to found your problem clearly.

14. You can tour your favorite places. It will refresh your mind and your brain. You can give your extra time with your friends.It will help you to keep cool.

If your job or work hard so your brain will hit it is a simple matter and it means everybody.

The first food and Jang food is better it will problem you. Remove The first food and Jang food. And If you smoking so you will remove it.

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