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Most of the internet users in the world today are more or less familiar with the name Bitcoin. However, in a nutshell, Bitcoin is the world's first open-source cryptocurrency, which does not require any kind of financial institution or clearinghouse for transactions. It is not a currency issued by the government of any country. 

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the currency system under a pseudonym. There are various speculations surrounding this coin and its promoter, which have not yet been unveiled. Today we are going to talk about some interesting facts about Bitcoin.

Who discovers the Bitcoin?

Nobody can say who discover the bitcoin. Anybody can not found the creator BTC. Who is discover the bitcoin he has hidden his information. Because he will get a danger of his. Who discover the bitcoin he has more the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin purchase

Many people think that if you want to buy bitcoin, you have to buy 1 bitcoin. However, this is not true. The current market value of 1 bitcoin is about 360 dollars, which is more than 3 lakh Bangladeshi rupees. 

You can buy less than 1 (fractional amount) bitcoin. Such as 0.01 bitcoin, even 0.001 bitcoin! Basically you'll buy bitcoin up to six decimal places if you would like.

Bitcoin demand

Some people think that the price of Bitcoin never goes down, but goes up. This is a misconception. The stock market can be compared to the market price of Bitcoin. It can decrease or increase at any time.

Transaction tracking

One of the most common misconceptions about Bitcoin is its ability to track transactions. Bitcoin transactions are considered by many to be the most secretive transaction. 

Bitcoin transactions aren't just confidential, they're public. Every bitcoin transaction is an entry within the blockchain, information that intelligent users can trace in time. 

Therefore, it is a misconception that tracking bitcoin transactions is not possible.

Is Bitcoin the only cryptocurrency?

No. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrencies like Stellar, Ethereum, Lightcoin exist within the market. However, Bitcoin is that the hottest cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining Now the most source of bitcoin is mining, which is completed through special quite computer. However, the idea that bitcoin mining is possible on any computer is not correct. Even if it is possible, its profit rate will be doubtful. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of computing power and advanced technology to see the benefits.

Total bitcoin supply

You may have found information on many websites on the Internet that the supply of bitcoin is limited. This idea is true. The existing system will be able to mine a total of 21 million bitcoins. However, the amount of transactions can be greatly increased through fractions.

Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading is a popular trading cryptocurrency. Other, Etherreum, Litcoin, Ripple, Dash,Nem,Iota,Monera,Eos and others have cryptocurrency.

But Bitcoin or BTC is the best and famous cryptocurrency.
Bill gates say, "we can use more money in small places."Bitcoin is best to use our more money to keep hare.

Many people lose their money to buy and sell Bitcoin. Because trading is hard and risky.Bitcoin price up to and down all time. Bitcoin anytime can a big down or high. 

It is just a network.
All the traders follow the market analysis. And they follow the news. And their have a trading system.

Should you buy and sell?

You can buy and sell bitcoin but you can do it if your country order. Some countries do not allow cryptocurrency trading. Because it does not have any platform.it moves with the network.

You will learn perfectly trading when you learn it perfectly then you can trading. Or you will lose money and loss full of your fund.
You need more time to learn Bitcoin trading. Never use your real money to trade as a beginner.

I can say, you will earn many BTC when you expert. Other you can lose your all fund.

Where trade with BTC?

Many broker have to trade. They give you to trade. Just you need to create your account and identity varify. When you finished your account create then you can deposit and trade and withdraw anything.

So you will join a popular and better broker. Never use a market maker broker.

How to move bitcoin?

We have already known that bitcoin is a network it moves by the network. When more people buy the same time more bitcoin then the prize is up the bitcoin other methods it low. 

For account, bitcoin does not have any bank or industries. It moves just people.

So bitcoin is not easy think it is hard. I have trading knowledge when I trade the bitcoin I lose it because it is difficult.

If you translation any money with a bank or other methods so you need a fee or commission but the BTC transaction fee or commotion is low.

Bitcoin Secure

Bitcoin security is a personal method. Anytime hackers can hack your BTC. And need more security to create. We have seen 2000 the BTC account hack and thief more BTC bill gate, Elonmask, and other famous and rich people. So we can not think of 100% security.

You can not take action to the hacker because Bitcoin translation do not have any documents.

Bitcoin future

Most of the people ask a question that is Bitcoin's future. They ask bitcoin will high or down. When will it happen? Because they will lose their money or profit.

Everybody has an uncertain knowledge of bitcoin. But some big BTC traders can say the future of Bitcoin.  

Who is know the future of Bitcoin he can make more money with buy and sell the BTC.
So, we are suffering from curiosity about bitcoin. 

If you are a trader you should know about all the cryptocracy. 

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