2captcha payment proof

2captcha payment proof

There are captcha typing job websites all over the world, of which 2 captcha are the most popular. If you want to do captcha typing then you can work on two captcha websites. A better website than I have seen. 

From what I have seen, you will not find it well without 2 captcha websites. Over a few thousand people work here every day and a lot of people work here. 

Today we will show you how to take payment. We will tell you today about the authenticity of the payment from our experience of almost two years.

Is it a scam?

First of all, we will say that this is not a fake website, and payment is made. They are very good and pay very fast. There is 24-hour work available on their website and they pay in 24 hours maybe there may be a Saturday-Sunday stop. This website has been working in the market for many years and they have no bad record.

Payment proof

The picture you see above is the truth of my own payment. In this picture, you can see how fast they pay. The date and time are all given in this picture. When I joined withdrawal and when I received payment. 

Everything is given there. From my work experience, I can say that they are not a bad site. 

And I got paid very quickly. Sometimes it took me a while to get paid but they paid me. I can say about taking payment that they are paying, they are not a scam, they are not a site. Does not require any type of payment. 

If you can work for a minimum of 50 cents then you can take your payment without any requirement of any kind.

How much income can be made and payment can be taken.

You can earn a maximum of 1$ per day but it is very difficult. There is very little income from here. If you are a beginner freelancer then you can do this job in the beginning may be to reduce some of your costs. 

But by working here you can't do anything good or you can't build a good career. So whether you work or not is up to you. From here once you could earn up to 2-3  per day but now the income is less.

Payment problem/Account Ban

If you do something bad or work illegally while working, they may stop your payment. If you break their rules, your account may be closed or your payment may be terminated. If you create additional accounts, your account may be closed.

Our opinion

We've been able to withdraw as many times as we've worked from here so if you work you'll get paid if they're within their terms. 

They are very helpful in helping you with any work or payment.I once had a problem with taking payment I talked to them they solved my problem.

So we can say that the 2 captcha they pay is not a bad website or they don't have any problem paying.

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